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Utilization of Automated Monitors for Diagnosis of Periparturient Diseases

Posted by Dr. Ric Grummer

Automated technologies for monitoring behavior of dairy cows have recently become more popular in the U.S. This study takes a deeper look at how these monitors could potentially be used as tools for early diagnosis of periparturient events and peripartum health disorders.


60px-Adobe_PDF_iconView the article: "Utilization of Automated Monitors of Daily Rumination Time and Activity for Diagnosis of Periparturient Diseases" (PDF - 142kb)

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Gradual vs. Abrupt Cessation of Milking at Drying off in Dairy Cows

Drying off high producing dairy cows can be a challenge. This article summarizes recent research that investigated different approaches to drying off cows that may have the potential to improve health and well-being.

60px-Adobe_PDF_iconView the article: "Gradual vs. Abrupt Cessation of Milking at Drying off in Dairy Cows" (PDF - 20.1kb)

Barbara Barton is Research and Product Development Manager for Balchem’s Animal Health and Nutrition division. Barbara began her career as a faculty member in the Animal Science Department at the University of Maine. Since then she has held positions in research and development as well as technical services with feed companies and suppliers to the feed industry. She has extensive knowledge of the dairy production both nationally and internationally.

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Protein Nutrition for the Transition Cow

When feeding low protein diets it is important to balance for amino acids, both prepartum and postpartum, by feeding high quality RUP and protected AA sources. Dr Ryan Ordway takes a look at several research studies on the effects of protein content in the prepartum period and explains why it is even more important in the postpartum phase.  Listen to an Interview with Dr. Ordway or click on the document for a complete summary of the research. 60px-Adobe_PDF_icon View the article: "Protein Nutrition for the Transition Cow" (PDF - 42.6kb) By Ryan S. Ordway, Ph.D., PAS Global Products Manager, Balchem Corporation    

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Cool Those Dry Cows to Optimize Transition Performance and Health

Posted by Geoffrey Dahl, Ph.D.
When it comes to cooling cows our focus is typically on the milking herd. But recent research shows that the benefits of cooling your dry cows extend beyond just her pending lactation. Geoffrey Dahl, Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville explains that the benefits could extend to milk production of the calf she’s carrying, as well. Listen to an Interview with Dr. Geoffrey Dahl.

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