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Dr. Ric GrummerRic Grummer, Ph.D.

Ruminant Technical Director, Balchem Corporation

Dr. Ric Grummer obtained his BS degree in Dairy Science at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1977) and his MS (1980) and PhD (1984) degrees in Dairy Science at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. In September of 2010, he joined Balchem Corporation as Ruminant Technical Manager. In that role, he provides technical service and research and development support and assists in expanding the global market for Balchem’s animal products.

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Geoffrey DahlGeoffrey Dahl, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville

As Chair of the Department of Animal Sciences, Dr. Dahl serves as liaison between the livestock industries, university and allied industries.

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Glen AinesGlen Aines, Ph.D.

Director of Sales and Services, Balchem Corporation

Dr. Glen Aines earned his BS in Animal Science and his MS in Ruminant Nutrition from Virginia Tech (1980). He obtained his PhD in Ruminant Nutrition from University of Nebraska (1985). Glen joined Balchem Corporation in 2008 as a Technical Services Specialist and has been promoted several times since, most recently serving as the Director of Sales and Services. In his current role, Dr. Aines helps manage the sales and technical service team while focusing on building sales growth. He strategically elevates the ruminant business and builds relationships with industry partners.



Ryan OrdwayRyan Ordway, Ph.D.

Global Products Manager, Balchem Corporation

Dr. Ryan Ordway obtained his BS in Agricultural Business Management (1999) and his MS in Dairy and Animal Science from Penn State University. He earned his PhD in Animal and Nutritional Science from the University of New Hampshire (2005). Prior to joining Balchem Corporation Dr. Ordway was employed as a dairy nutritionist with two leading animal nutrition companies. He joined Balchem Corporation in 2009 as a Technical Service Specialist and now serves as Global Products Manager.



ClayClay Zimmerman, Ph.D.

Technical Services Manager

Dr. Clay Zimmerman earned his BS in Dairy Science from Virginia Tech (1986) and his MS and PhD from North Carolina State University (1991). His previous experience includes employment as a dairy nutritionist and technical services manager for innovative feed and nutrition companies on the East Coast. Dr. Zimmerman currently serves as the Technical Services Manager, Eastern Region for Balchem Corporation where he assists with technical presentations and research.



PictureBABBarbara Barton, Ph.D., ACAN Diplomat

Technical Support Specialist

Dr. Barbara Barton joined Balchem Corporation in 2007 after previously working with leading animal agriculture groups across the world. Currently she shares time between the corporate office in New York and an office in Europe helping manage research, publishing scientific papers and supporting the technical service team.



Dave PrenticeDavid Prentice, DVM, MS

Technical Service Specialist

Dr. David Prentice earned his BS and DVM from Iowa State University (1991) and his MS in Dairy Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (2000). He comes to Balchem Corporation with more than two decades of experience in dairy health and nutrition. Prior to joining Balchem, Dr. Prentice spent eight years as a practicing veterinarian in Iowa and California before becoming a technical services consultant for a major AI company and animal health company. He also completed advanced studies in ruminant nutrition, specifically on the effects of ionphores on sub-acute ruminal acidosis. His current position as a Technical Service Specialist allows him to support the sales team in the upper Midwest. Dr. Prentice is an active member of several industry associations including the American Dairy Science Association, American Association of Bovine Practitioners, American Society of Animal Science and Iowa Veterinary Medical Association.



Jeff ElliottJeff Elliott, PhD.

Technical Service Specialist

Dr. Jeff Elliott joined Balchem Corporation in 2010 following fifteen years in the industry with another animal nutrition company. Dr. Elliott received is bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky and both his Master’s and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois. He currently provides technical support on the West Coast.